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Bringing learning, feelings and fun together in this adventure Series

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About the series

The Fun with Feelings Children’s book series was started to help build children’s awareness and understanding of feelings and emotions.  The team is working to provide parents and children fun story lines with situations where real feelings could show up.    “We are working to provide adults a platform where it is easy to talk to kids about feelings, we want kids and adults to understand that all feelings are valid and it’s a matter of learning how to recognize them and use them to positively navigate life.” says Jen.  Each book brings in new animal characters and two opposing feelings. 

The First book in the series, “Fearfully Brave” was published in November 2019.  The book brings in situations about Fear and bravery.  One of the main lessons that has come out in the book is that of preparedness.  Being ready for situations and still going and trying things even when it scares you.  Not allowing fear to stop you from moving forward but allowing it to be used as a sign of awareness. 

Fearfully Brave is set in a fictional location called, “Inspiration Woods”.  Bart the Brave Bear and Felix the Fearful Fox go on an adventure to “Feelings Falls”.  During their adventure they encounter moments where Felix and Bart each demonstrate fear and bravery.  Together they learn how both can be helpful emotions.   They learn that each has bravery and fear in them.

What are others saying?

“Such an amazing kids’ book! Captivating characters, engaging storyline and educational! I love that it teaches kids about their feelings - not always easy with my 3 boys who just want to be wild. Lol. But they loved it and read it frequently! Can’t wait for more from this author”. -Christy from Illinois

“My girls loved the story and illustrations. Great job Jen”! -William from Oklahoma

“I love how cute this book is. I got it for my grandsons for Christmas. I can’t wait for them to read it. Love the message it sends to them too. -Bonnie from Wisconsin

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