How it all started...

Learned confidence, emotions and feelings!

Fun with Feelings children's series is a children's book series focused on helping kids to better understand their feelings, when they show up and what they mean when they do.

Jen Zahari created the concept and ideas surrounding the book series after looking back to her life.  She noticed there were times that a better understanding of her own feelings and how to navigate them could have been helpful in growth.  Jen asked her  cousin and daughters to co-author the books knowing the experiences they themselves were having in school.  The dynamic of thoughts and story lines in creating the first book has been fun and we are looking forward to getting started on book two. 

Excitement with the team is growing as we are working to get the books to all of you. 

We currently have twelve books planned.

Along the way we will be bringing you a map of the stories along the way, coloring books to go with each book and other fun coins and bears with each book.

We plan to have book signings in the area by early 2020 and are looking at  potential parent/child workshops into the new year.  Together we can help grow our children strong of mind, emotions and heart!

Join us on the adventures! 

Take a look below at our making of the series...